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DFB's Guide To Finding Sex In Dubai!

Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates is a country known for being a paradise the desert, where people from around the world can meet up for casual dating and fun. It's also a strict muslim country, and visitors need to bear both of these in mind when visiting, to avoid offending local customs, laws and practices.

Find sex & dating in Dubai today

It's widely known that sex outside marriage is illegal, and public displays are frowned upon and can lead to being arrested by the police and charged. Behaving permissively can land you in hot water with the authorities, but on the other hand, the city is host to tens of thousands of sex workers that are often based in the glamorous hotels, so there is scope for meeting people, and casual sex, but it has to be conducted in the right way.

For example, unless your 'partner' is staying in the same apartment or hotel as you, you will need to tip the guard at reception to let them in. It is in fact illegal to be in a private room, or even a car, with an unrelated member of the opposite sex. In reality, the police won't bother you unless it's for other infringements or if you're causing a disturbance in your apartment block or hotel. So the key to having intimate relations with someone, especially as an ex pat, is to keep the peace, and not disturb your neighbours, stick to the rules, etc. When driving, obviously follow the rules of the road, etc.

When sharing a hotel room the rules are generally that they must be your husband or wife. This rule isn't as strict in the bigger hotels, but it's still better to refer to them as such, even if they are you girlfriend or boyfriend.

As for finding sex, there are no swingers clubs or sex clubs in Dubai, but there are strip clubs, and yes, sex workers can be found in there. Prostitution is widely available, in high end hotels, too.

If you'd rather meet someone on equal terms, sex dating can be found in dating sites such as ours. 85% of the city's population is from abroad, and the median age of the city is 27, so it's a young, sexy city in many ways. Women of a certain level of attractiveness tend to be employed to work in the service sector, so there are many opportunities to meet someone.